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Original WW2 Honorable Service lapel pin, also known as the "ruptured duck" in very good condition, still mounted on original card. Card has some slight stains on front and back, and cluthback screw has some tarnish.


The button, pin and cloth insignia were awarded to U.S. service members who were honorably discharged during World War II. It served as proof that the wearer was a veteran returning from duty. It was also used to identify returning veterans to railroad, bus, and other transportation companies who offered free or reduced transportation rates. Even though the button and insignia worn on uniforms depicts an eagle, the design looks as if it is bursting through the button as though it has ruptured, and the eagle looked to many veterans more like a duck rather than an eagle so the term "ruptured duck" was born.

Honorable Service Lapel Pin

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