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Our Story

Foxhole Militaria, LLC is a veteran-owned small business, located in Pennsylvania, selling original military artifacts as well as high quality reproduction items spanning conflicts from World I through current day operations. Although we are a new on-line militaria dealer, I have been a collector for over 50 years, and a trusted seller on eBay with over 665 positive reviews as saber-7 and as of January 2021, 40 positive reviews as foxhole21.

My fascination and earliest memory with the military began around age 5 growing up in southeast Tennessee, playing “army” with my Uncle Ralph and cousins and listening to my other uncle's stories about their service in World War II and Vietnam.  My early collection consisted of hand-me-down uniforms and patches from my Uncle Clem and cousin Frank, both in Vietnam, and getting C-rations from my cousin Harvey who was in the National Guard- my mother threatened me not to DARE eat them! To no one's surprise I later joined the Army as a Cavalry Scout.














My collecting got serious the second time I was stationed in Germany and I learned from my good friends Shane Greene and Tom Larscheid the treasures that could be found at the Flohmarkts and the Czech Republic, namely Pilsen. When I returned to the states, I met a group of reenactors near Fort Knox, KY that portrayed the 4th Armored Division, and that eventually led me to help form the Colorado Military Historical Group when I was stationed at Fort Carson. The culmination of my reenacting adventures was the honor to attend several full immersion tactical events in France and Belgium including The 65th, 68th, and 75th anniversaries of the Battle of the Bulge in Bastogne Belgium, The Pursuit in 2014 and Operation Cobra in 2017 both in France. I highly recommend if you get the chance to go on one of these trips, do it, you will not be disappointed! 






















































I retired from the Army after 26 years and found myself settling in Pennsylvania. Foxhole Militaria is the culmination of my collecting hobby paired with an interest to operate my own business. I hope I can help fill that empty spot in your collection or get that last detail item needed for a living history impression, and you find doing business with us a pleasure!


My dad, late 1950's.

My Uncle Ralph Calton, US Army Air Corps, WWII and Korea with my Aunt Margaret. My path to the Army began with this man.

My Uncle Harvey Young, USN. He served on the USS Yorktown during the Battle of Midway. One year for Christmas he and my Aunt Ann gave me a 3 volume set of books on Medal of Honor recipients. I literally wore the pages off reading them, over and over.

My Uncle "Buddy" Stout, USCG Pharmacists Mate. My grandfather signed his enlistment papers when he was 16. He served on LST 19 during the invasions of Saipan and Tinian.

My Uncle Arthur Wiggins (far right). He was a ground radar operator and participated in the Normandy invasion and capture of Cherbourg. He was later transferred to the Pacific for the rest of the war.

My Uncle COL ret. Clem Wyllie, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Beginning as an enlisted Infantryman, he later went to OCS and became an aviator flying Huey's in Vietnam. 

Nathan Dantzler in Hardigny, Luxembourg, Belgium..jpg
Tobruk 1942 Monahans TX.jpg
Cobra 2017.jpg
The Pursuit 2014.jpg

Enjoying Airborne Bier with Tom Larscheid former US Army officer, in Bastogne, 2014. Almost all the WW II German uniforms in my collection came from Tom.

With my former commander and best friend COL Andy Watson at Rolley Chateau, Belgium, 2014. We have shared a lifetime of adventures in Europe and the Middle East that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Andy and I met 101st Airborne vet Vincent Speranza at the Nuts Cafe in Bastogne in 2014 and he insisted we share his table. The next day he invited us to tag along for a private tour of the Airborne Museum and then visited his foxhole outside the village of Mont.


"The Breakout and Pursuit" France 2014 with the crew of "Cowboy". 9 Americans, 1 Canadian and our British driver Jim Needham. 

Several of us returned to France in 2017 for "Operation Cobra".

Nathan and I for the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge portraying members of Task Force Booth.

Switching sides for "Tobruk 1942" in Monahans, TX 2017.


* I'm currently looking for pictures of my other family members who served and will add them later.

My son Nathan and I, Bastogne 2009 after the 65th Anniversary 21-kilometer Perimeter Walk. 


Retirement, July 2009, Fort Carson, CO

My beautiful, talented daughter El who talked me into this business adventure and created this website.

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